It was one of the dull afternoons, as I was having lunch with my friends at the school cafeteria when I heard someone calling my name. And to respond to the call, I turned my head and saw Shawn; the best academic and sports guru in the school. Why would I hate grabbing the golden opportunity by my side? I just mumbled a 'hi' with a plastic smile. Shawn later called me aside and requested to join him the coming weekend for a date. Although deep inside me happiness flowed continuously, I reluctantly agreed on his requested but later agreed that he should pick me up.

At exactly 5.00 pm, Shawn parked his Subaru in the front of our yard as he waited to pick me up. For I didn't want to disappoint him, bearing it was our first date; I dressed to kill – a short silk red dress with a pair of a red stiletto. Shawn looked surprised to see me in a dress; to him a tomboy turning to a princess was out of the question. He gave me a peck on my cheeks and told me 'Oooh, you look beautiful dear' and later opened the car door for me. We departed to a destination I never knew but back in my mind I would imagine the serene environment we had to visit.

We finally arrived at a Chinese restaurant. Being my first time in a Chinese restaurant, I asked Shawn for help. Why? The menu was all written in Chinese. We finally ordered a delicious meal; a stir fried eel dish with pea tendrils and garlic. That night I learnt more about Shawn and the Chinese culture. Going on a date with the hottest guy in school was a dream come true.